The Greeks , called Jupiter Phaethon ” Blazing” & in mythology they gave this planet the name Zues & also Jupiter , Alexander the Great Adonis In Grek mythology , Taurus was identified with Zues, who assumed the form of a magnificant , white bull, to abduct europa, a legendry Phoenician Princess. Jupiter even comes with all seeing eye of Horus, Neptune, was observed with a telescope by Jonathan Gallo.

The date 23/9/15 has to be a topic on several YouTube channels, take a look at the solar system . Planets willl line up on this wednesday (the day of mecury) coming in just over two months from now, Mercury are aligned with the sun 23/9/15, There is almost a triple alinement Uranus Venus & very close to being aligned on 23/9/15.

In Eoterics, planets associated with the days of the week, mercury being wednesday, Jupiter being Thursday, september 23 2015. Is a wednesday (mercury ) & the 24th jupiter, thirsday , the planet mervury is named after the roman diety Mercury, The messanger to the gods,Jupiter being the supremme god of the roman pantheorn called Dies pater= “shining father” he is a god of light & sky & protector of the state & laws, & brother of Neptune, jupiter is completly identical withtthe greek Zues, It is no coincidence Mercury and Jupiter are in alignment on wednesday the 23rd of september 20115 .