Discover the courage to be courageous, To walk were others never dare to care ,to show you care ,for you never know what tomorrow is rely going to bring that is why it is called a/ the  present, full of surprises, from morning to night, all you have to do is open up and let it in , easier said than done , Yes i sure know it is , looking for the positives is rely easy when you rely open your eyes , if all around you seems as if it is all doom and gloom let me azure you it will soon pass, with a little common sense it is all in you , Look for the unseen, it is not hard, looking is easy, so is being blinded, willfully blind ed, It is called choosing not too see, why because what is meant for you definitely does never miss you, if it is another lesson , I am all ears if it is the same again , were am i going so wrong, to kind, for my own good too, open too intuitive too , Devious never, and if i am it is because i am one step ahead , i can feel your thoughts , devious to me is just one step ahead , rely i have a master plan i am not aware or i was not aware of this now i know i can do what i do an be protected. Is that so wrong , I can shed light on others darkest of hours and i am the poor widow, widowed … On so many levels it is not fun to know all near, Thank fully there is never a wrong or a right time, every thing is at its rightful time  enough of time it just fly’s so fast … Trust in your self , it has took me a lot to e able to say this .. I was not as bold when younger thinking my thoughts too outlandish too farfetched.. Now though i have written and foretold so much my brain recoils at the fact .. I already knew of all that came i seen it all , and i could not stop a thing , one single bit for it has made me,  mold me, to who i am now, The here and the now , Obama once said after a shooting at a school twenty six lost their life’s, He said look with your eyes and look for the unseen.. he knew what he was talking about away back then so did president Regan way back at the U>N meeting 1984 or 1987. ,In 2012, Obama, declared these words at a school, Sandy Hook, His words ring in my ear , so i looked and i do not like what i see or feel. I Know though this is off new beginnings , We should all embrace, the here and the now, it is all of us and it is all of me and you, Love light & Peace