Today , I went out as, I usually do, take my dog her morning walk ,

What a surprise was in store for me, O What a surprise, Or is it relay,

Going down my stair , There right in front of me an old, old Friend, I could see he felt awkward, I wondered why, he had , had to sleep in MY stair, due to , His house has an ASBO??? So My Poor friend was not aware this stair , I was in , he was mortified, This i could see and hear in his Voice,

I could not even invite you in , For a quick cuppa or some TLC, I had to take my dog out, & You were heading , with your Friend, You were gone for me getting back I wasn`t to offer you indoors, I usually, would not have thought twice and offered, At-least a cuppa, How terrible , Inhuman of me , How cold , have I become, Sorry , I never , and you know why , I could not lend a hand this time, Hopefully , My best wishes were enough , For you to say enough is enough , You should be in your home, Not living like this, You told me , how lovely your home is, Nice and warm, No Place like Home……….