Today’s society , does n`t seem much different , say from the 1800,S. Still seems us poor are still scraping the bottom of every barrel , Whilst the so called higher classes are arguing about what , champagne to have, Money must be so funny in a rich mans world, I know for a fact it isn’t a better life, Money just brings a new set of troubles, Usually we don`t need,
We all want them though? Just to know for 5mins , what it would be like not to worry about your last £, Already into your,
overdraft, hoping the money will be in , in time to pay , another BILL.Then round and around again till next month or week , or when ever there`s always something , needing done.
Thankfully we get there no mater what we do,?? Might not feel like it , might even feel like your climbing a forever mountain. Life some days are great , others are , crap!!.
That`s why when the times are good make the most of them,
You truly never know what is around that corner.