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Can we really blame our youths for the state of affairs. gangs poor housing, just poor quality of life.
Is it much more a sign of the times and history for the state of our youth. Were as say 20 years ago 1-10 youths would become involved with crime? were as now the trend is 8=10have committed a crime, taken drugs or are already heavy drinkers,
Plus it is not just these things that our society, has messed up on, Their addiction, on all levels a lot more, illnesses due to the way people are having to live.Even peoples health,
is not down to their diet or poor education. Even more children are having children. We can try to keep our children. then when they go out into the world they can educate themselves, Usually the hard way, Those lessons are learn`t. It is supposed to be so we don`t forget them, hmm i do every day,suppressed are my feelings i hide them away , scared to show them in-case whats left gets blown away.
So what changes can we make,Instead of the way our lives seem to be going. People Adults should have all the answers but no one has the more we find out the less we truly know,
We are all interested in our comforts, & fanciful life’s.
That even when 2 children go missing, money is thrown at the middle class parents and the single mother rubbished, My mother brought us up on her own and done a fantastic job, i would be more scared of my mum than anyone.How sad is our society it distinguished between the 2 both have beautiful babies missing , maybe never to return , at a time like this money doesn`t count nothing counts in your head , the swirling deafening silence. Of maybe no child to return, thankfully they were found safe and well. It made us all stop and think.Are we becoming a bunch of self righteous twats!?.. There is a minority of people who think others feelings don`t count. The Majority are too busy themselves. what a sad state of affairs. People are even divided up into classes. I will become a minority, for i know 1 day we will all become the majority.