I hope the taxi driver was caught for this. Sad & So Unnecessary. Hope you recover soon


A mum has told of her fight to rebuild her life after a collision with a taxi following a mix-up over a £4.40 fare left her in a coma.nKelly Brown, 28, was forced to have a section of her skull removed after the incident during St Patrick¿s Day celebrations in 2009.nThe cabbie was never prosecuted but a High Court judge later allowed her civil claim for damages against the taxi driver.nThe court heard that Kelly told the driver she was going to get the fare from inside her home after spending all her cash on a kebab.nBut the cabbie claimed she had threatened to do a runner. He then moved his taxi forward and to the right at a time when he knew that the nurse was close to the front of the taxi, the court ruled. She slammed her head on the road, leaving her critically ill in hospital with brain injuries. Kelly Brown had to have part of her skull removed as a result of the collision (Picture: NCJM)

A row over a £4.40 taxi fair led to this woman’s terrible head injuries.

Kelly Brown, 28, had to have a section of her skull removed after the cabbie drove into her, knocking her to the floor.

As a result she went over a month in an induced coma in hospital where she lay critically ill with head injuries.

Incredibly, the taxi driver was never prosecuted over the incident, but Kelly was allowed by a High Court judge to sue for damages.

Kelly said: ‘Before the accident, I was hoping to get a job as a nurse and being able to buy a nice house and car.

‘All that has been taken away from me.’

The driver claimed that Kelly had threatened to do a runner when she told him she needed to go…

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