What about change,! I hear you ask, almost choking , as if you have the key.

Change is everything, Its in everything. Some for the better , some for the worse.

So what is it , we as humans or any species don`t enjoy about change!.

Do we even want to consider change, we would have to change our,

everyday habits,.

Sometimes change can be for the good, for the better, you might question why, You might not even understand why. There has to be good in every bad,

for that reason i am sure. i feel a change a big change. Do we really want change?. Do we? Rely!? Why should we,?It only causes stress and grief & even grey hair begins to appear . Changes would we really make them!?. The present time, seems ,all around the world seems to be so much hate!.

Unity is what it would take to see , really see, all the inequality our so-called officials give to us?. They definitely don`t give us justice.

This worlds a dog eat dog and if you’re not fast you are last.

I wasn`t programmed like that?. I have my morals to hold . Will they really save us if the world folds,?So you see why i ask is change going to happen ??.

Yes it is, its already happening all around the world in so many different ways.