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right now am at the wow stage , this is a child in the system how many others have been charged & found guilty . This should of been :I am only writing a small bit on this just now Till I do my research , and a gagging irder just gives me an insentive and a need to investigate Alex Salmond , no wonder u went into hiding,  Unless you have been abused as a child by people u r suppossed to look up to and have the utmost respect for

They are suppose to be looking after your best interests , sad Yes make the las out as if she is the mad one , no how about she just wants justivs reasa; justice not a COVERUP, I will come back to this (sorry) if i have caused any offense to any one involved investigated , big time, keeping people hostage is not going to work nowadays , the computer will see to thqt right away


The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits What is the Spirit of Intuition? And What is Spiritual Intuition?

7 insights , faith -insight or spiritual intuition , scientifically this is getting proven more true every day listen to your intuition. That is why it is yours to listen to

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The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits

What is the Spirit of Intuition?

And What is Spiritual Intuition?

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The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits - Intuition 1

“Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, teach me to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.

A Quick Review of the Characteristic Manifestations of Intuition

In the previous articles, we learned that the first four of the twenty-eight principles of high mortal philosophy, “points of light,” are:

(556.3) 48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

(556.4) 48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a…

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Jupiter Ascending & the solar system

The Greeks , called Jupiter Phaethon ” Blazing” & in mythology they gave this planet the name Zues & also Jupiter , Alexander the Great Adonis In Grek mythology , Taurus was identified with Zues, who assumed the form of a magnificant , white bull, to abduct europa, a legendry Phoenician Princess. Jupiter even comes with all seeing eye of Horus, Neptune, was observed with a telescope by Jonathan Gallo.

The date 23/9/15 has to be a topic on several YouTube channels, take a look at the solar system . Planets willl line up on this wednesday (the day of mecury) coming in just over two months from now, Mercury are aligned with the sun 23/9/15, There is almost a triple alinement Uranus Venus & very close to being aligned on 23/9/15.

In Eoterics, planets associated with the days of the week, mercury being wednesday, Jupiter being Thursday, september 23 2015. Is a wednesday (mercury ) & the 24th jupiter, thirsday , the planet mervury is named after the roman diety Mercury, The messanger to the gods,Jupiter being the supremme god of the roman pantheorn called Dies pater= “shining father” he is a god of light & sky & protector of the state & laws, & brother of Neptune, jupiter is completly identical withtthe greek Zues, It is no coincidence Mercury and Jupiter are in alignment on wednesday the 23rd of september 20115 .


Discover the courage to be courageous, To walk were others never dare to care ,to show you care ,for you never know what tomorrow is rely going to bring that is why it is called a/ the  present, full of surprises, from morning to night, all you have to do is open up and let it in , easier said than done , Yes i sure know it is , looking for the positives is rely easy when you rely open your eyes , if all around you seems as if it is all doom and gloom let me azure you it will soon pass, with a little common sense it is all in you , Look for the unseen, it is not hard, looking is easy, so is being blinded, willfully blind ed, It is called choosing not too see, why because what is meant for you definitely does never miss you, if it is another lesson , I am all ears if it is the same again , were am i going so wrong, to kind, for my own good too, open too intuitive too , Devious never, and if i am it is because i am one step ahead , i can feel your thoughts , devious to me is just one step ahead , rely i have a master plan i am not aware or i was not aware of this now i know i can do what i do an be protected. Is that so wrong , I can shed light on others darkest of hours and i am the poor widow, widowed … On so many levels it is not fun to know all near, Thank fully there is never a wrong or a right time, every thing is at its rightful time  enough of time it just fly’s so fast … Trust in your self , it has took me a lot to e able to say this .. I was not as bold when younger thinking my thoughts too outlandish too farfetched.. Now though i have written and foretold so much my brain recoils at the fact .. I already knew of all that came i seen it all , and i could not stop a thing , one single bit for it has made me,  mold me, to who i am now, The here and the now , Obama once said after a shooting at a school twenty six lost their life’s, He said look with your eyes and look for the unseen.. he knew what he was talking about away back then so did president Regan way back at the U>N meeting 1984 or 1987. ,In 2012, Obama, declared these words at a school, Sandy Hook, His words ring in my ear , so i looked and i do not like what i see or feel. I Know though this is off new beginnings , We should all embrace, the here and the now, it is all of us and it is all of me and you, Love light & Peace

Homeless & Cold

Today , I went out as, I usually do, take my dog her morning walk ,

What a surprise was in store for me, O What a surprise, Or is it relay,

Going down my stair , There right in front of me an old, old Friend, I could see he felt awkward, I wondered why, he had , had to sleep in MY stair, due to , His house has an ASBO??? So My Poor friend was not aware this stair , I was in , he was mortified, This i could see and hear in his Voice,

I could not even invite you in , For a quick cuppa or some TLC, I had to take my dog out, & You were heading , with your Friend, You were gone for me getting back I wasn`t to offer you indoors, I usually, would not have thought twice and offered, At-least a cuppa, How terrible , Inhuman of me , How cold , have I become, Sorry , I never , and you know why , I could not lend a hand this time, Hopefully , My best wishes were enough , For you to say enough is enough , You should be in your home, Not living like this, You told me , how lovely your home is, Nice and warm, No Place like Home……….

Justice denied: Tsarnaev’s own lawyer ignores evidence he is innocent of Boston bombing

Am sharing this again , Disgusting behavior

Truth and Shadows

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

By Craig McKee

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev never had a chance.

While there is significant evidence supporting the accused Boston bomber’s innocence, none of it made it into his trial, which just concluded with guilty verdicts on all 30 counts against him. It seems that law enforcement, the media, and especially Tsarnaev’s own lawyer, Judy Clarke, were focused on suppressing any evidence that could have undermined the official story of the bombing. The truth has been covered up just as effectively as it was the day Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby.

Clarke insured Tsarnaev’s conviction when she opened the trial by admitting that he had carried out the bombing on April 15, 2013 with his brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, who was killed in the aftermath. Clarke painted Tamerlan as

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Hard Life



Today’s society , does n`t seem much different , say from the 1800,S. Still seems us poor are still scraping the bottom of every barrel , Whilst the so called higher classes are arguing about what , champagne to have, Money must be so funny in a rich mans world, I know for a fact it isn’t a better life, Money just brings a new set of troubles, Usually we don`t need,
We all want them though? Just to know for 5mins , what it would be like not to worry about your last £, Already into your,
overdraft, hoping the money will be in , in time to pay , another BILL.Then round and around again till next month or week , or when ever there`s always something , needing done.
Thankfully we get there no mater what we do,?? Might not feel like it , might even feel like your climbing a forever mountain. Life some days are great , others are , crap!!.
That`s why when the times are good make the most of them,
You truly never know what is around that corner.

Youth of today


, , ,

Can we really blame our youths for the state of affairs. gangs poor housing, just poor quality of life.
Is it much more a sign of the times and history for the state of our youth. Were as say 20 years ago 1-10 youths would become involved with crime? were as now the trend is 8=10have committed a crime, taken drugs or are already heavy drinkers,
Plus it is not just these things that our society, has messed up on, Their addiction, on all levels a lot more, illnesses due to the way people are having to live.Even peoples health,
is not down to their diet or poor education. Even more children are having children. We can try to keep our children. then when they go out into the world they can educate themselves, Usually the hard way, Those lessons are learn`t. It is supposed to be so we don`t forget them, hmm i do every day,suppressed are my feelings i hide them away , scared to show them in-case whats left gets blown away.
So what changes can we make,Instead of the way our lives seem to be going. People Adults should have all the answers but no one has the more we find out the less we truly know,
We are all interested in our comforts, & fanciful life’s.
That even when 2 children go missing, money is thrown at the middle class parents and the single mother rubbished, My mother brought us up on her own and done a fantastic job, i would be more scared of my mum than anyone.How sad is our society it distinguished between the 2 both have beautiful babies missing , maybe never to return , at a time like this money doesn`t count nothing counts in your head , the swirling deafening silence. Of maybe no child to return, thankfully they were found safe and well. It made us all stop and think.Are we becoming a bunch of self righteous twats!?.. There is a minority of people who think others feelings don`t count. The Majority are too busy themselves. what a sad state of affairs. People are even divided up into classes. I will become a minority, for i know 1 day we will all become the majority.


What about change,! I hear you ask, almost choking , as if you have the key.

Change is everything, Its in everything. Some for the better , some for the worse.

So what is it , we as humans or any species don`t enjoy about change!.

Do we even want to consider change, we would have to change our,

everyday habits,.

Sometimes change can be for the good, for the better, you might question why, You might not even understand why. There has to be good in every bad,

for that reason i am sure. i feel a change a big change. Do we really want change?. Do we? Rely!? Why should we,?It only causes stress and grief & even grey hair begins to appear . Changes would we really make them!?. The present time, seems ,all around the world seems to be so much hate!.

Unity is what it would take to see , really see, all the inequality our so-called officials give to us?. They definitely don`t give us justice.

This worlds a dog eat dog and if you’re not fast you are last.

I wasn`t programmed like that?. I have my morals to hold . Will they really save us if the world folds,?So you see why i ask is change going to happen ??.

Yes it is, its already happening all around the world in so many different ways.